lunedì 6 giugno 2016

David Lang: Death speaks

Io sono tua amica.
Io non sono crudele.
Dammi la tua mano.
Potrai dormire così dolcemente tra le mie braccia.
Pain changes 

pain changes every shape

once you are truly lonely
you will never be alone

feel my hand
I feel you 
touch my cold hand
I will take you 
from her
to your new cold land

I have chosen you 
my only love
those others
they search for you
where they search 
they will never find you

after the leaves fall, spring returns
after love is parted, it returns
all you have to do is 
come with me
and wait
one day she will be lowered in the earth 
beside you
my hand will guide her home
to the place where love is
and no pain

when that door opens 
you will be healed

dearest man, dearest woman
dearest boy, dearest girl
dearest mother, dearest father
dearest son, dearest daughter
you will never leave me

you listen
you are silent
you feel me leaning towards you

nothing escapes me
not the warrior
not the hunter

everything awaits the way it changes 
when life falls away
that is the meaning of the swan and its song

the night canʼt last forever
nor will this sleep
beyond this sleep is light
forever light
until that light can shine
until you see it shining
sleep sweetly here
in the cool, dark night

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